CMU Children's School 50th Birthday Party

On Sunday April 8, Mortar Board helped the CMU Children's School hold their 50th birthday party by planning and leading fun games and activities for the students and families. This year's graduating seniors and next year's leaders worked together to make the day special. Party guests made giant bubbles, played Pin the Tail on the Cupcake, set out on a fun and challenging scavenger hunt, and more! Mortar Board made the decorations and supplies for the activities. Thanks to everyone who volunteered!

Fall Family Fun Fest

Thanks to the CMU students from the Mortar Board Senior Honor Society who offered a fun fall family event on the Children’s School playground on the morning of October 21st. What a beautiful day they had! More than 60 children and adults from the Children’s School and the Cyert Center played a musical mat game, tried their hand at a pumpkin ring toss, decorated a pumpkin, and hunted for gourds in the sandbox. Children had the opportunity to mix barnyard animal sounds and nursery rhymes using a DJ turntable. The playground climbers, wooden blocks, musical instruments, and mud kitchen were also open for play. Everyone got to snack on apple cider, pretzels, and chocolate chip cookies provided by the Mortar Board students.

Special thanks to Aakash, Scott, Faith, William, Yihao, Nathalie, Sarah, Meredith, Apeksha, Grant, David, Doyee, Vivek, Vikram, Frederick, DK, and Tim for volunteering!


On Saturday October 7, our chapter joined 1000plus, a campuswide initiative that aims to gather over 1000 people to do community service in the greater Pittsburgh area. Our members did yardwork at Hosanna House, a community center in the Wilkinsburg neighborhood that provides assistance and opportunities to local families in need. Their work benefited an organization that positively impacts thousands of lives every year.

Thank you to Aakash, Doyee, Meredith, and Faith for participating!

CMU Blood Drive

September is Childhood Cancer Awareness Month and every year, 15,780 children are diagnosed with cancer in the US. Most kids undergoing cancer treatment require blood or platelet transfusion. On Friday September 15, Mortar Board hosted a Blood Drive on campus with Central Blood Bank. The drive ran from noon to 5 PM and received many donors, potentially saving numerous lives. Mortar Board members advertised the drive and gave snacks and juice to donors to replenish their blood sugar.

Thank you to Amber, Nidhi, Doyee, Apeksha, Chantal, and Jennifer for tabling; Chantal, Tim, Aakash, Lauren, Vivek, Yihao, Allan, Nathalie, Meridth, and Cameron for hosting; and everyone who donated for saving lives.